The contacts diary that protects your privacy

Some messaging apps share your phone number with others. Not cool.

Metcha is a protected, private contacts app that takes the awkwardness out of staying in touch with new people you meet while not mixing data with other apps on your phone.

Add new people without leading to endless unwanted friend requests from other apps.

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Never forget the people you met!

Does your contact list have hundreds of random numbers in that you've no idea who they are?

With full photo and video profiles you can add notes to, Metcha solves that problem.

Perfect for Networking Events

Better than business cards

Full video and photo profiles to exchange at networking events, and multiple cards for different situations

Add everyone you meet

Snap a selfie with them, and store notes about what you talked about, or other useful info.

Stay in touch

Stay in touch without having to exchange personal numbers or send an awkward Facebook friend request or spammy LinkedIn connection.


Give out your professional profile and keep your party life private, or vice versa.


Better than LinkedIn - dodge the recruiter spam - you control your contacts list and who can contact you.


Broadcast updates to all your contacts to share your news

Exchanging contacts can be awkward - not with Metcha!

When you meet someone new, perhaps at a party or a networking event, do you give them your phone number right away or add them as a Facebook friend?

Some people will add others to Facebook the moment they meet them, while others are more guarded and don't want lots of strangers polluting their timeline and random numbers filling up their phonebook.

With Metcha, that's no longer a problem.

The safest way to exchange contact details

Don't give out your phone number, give your Metcha profile.

Metcha is self-contained, it doesn't mix up contacts with Facebook, WhatsApp or your phone's internal phonebook.

Full messaging that protects your privacy

Chat to your new contacts without having to accept Facebook friend requests or give out a phone number that links you to WhatsApp and Facebook accounts for anyone to find.

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